Liverpool Acoustic, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and Weyfest

Well i’m just back from a great night at Weyfest near Farnham in Surrey. Great crowd, great sound and a total pleasure to be a part of. So thanks to everyone who came and listened and cheered and sang and shared. Oh and bought cds!

All that on the back of two really successful shows in Liverpool, my first in that fair city, it has been a wonderful few days including the chance to catch up with my pals Blackie and the Rodeo Kings at the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. I opened a show for BaRK some years back at the Musician in Leicester and soon after that the wonderful Colin Linden very kindly did me the honour of playing on one of the tracks of my second album Fall or Fly. He recorded his parts in Nashville and sent them via the wonders of the world wide web so catching up with him again at Shrewsbury was the first opportunity i’ve had to shake his hand and thanks him for that.

Next year is taking shape nicely already with confirmation of festivals and shows including the Acoustic Festival of Britain, one of my very favourite festivals. But to things much closer, i have been asked to take part in GigforGaza in London on September 13th being presented by Ramon Goose. I’m very proud to be part of something raising money for Medical Aid to Palestine. More details to follow but in the meantime here is a link GigforGaza


Cambridge Folk Festival and Great War Centenary Service

This weekend I shall be heading to Cambridge for the Folk Festival where I will be performing in the Club Tent on Sunday afternoon. It has been an emotional few weeks with world events constantly in my mind and for that reason I will be dedicating my set on Sunday to the children of Gaza.

Perhaps slightly ironically I will also be performing on Sunday morning in the town of my birth, Clacton on Sea, at a special service by the war memorial on the seafront to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the Great War. It seems we haven’t come very far in those 100 years!

To peace and understanding everywhere


This week…..

This week on Wednesday 2nd July Adrian will be playing at The Bluebell Inn in Hempstead near Saffron Walden, Essex. All venue and ticket details are on the gig listing page.

Then on Saturday and Sunday it is the Colchester Military Tournament where Adrian will be performing two sets on both days. This is a big event organised by the ABF The Soldiers Charity who Adrian has worked with numerous times in the North East of England. Everything is taking place on Abbey Fields in Colchester and all you need to know can be found on the ABF website


Shows this week and a new date

This week Adrian will be playing in Cromer, Ely and Stockport.

Firstly this Saturday evening Adrian headlines the Cromer Folk on the Pier Fringe show at The Cottage from 9.45pm
Then it’s Ely Folk Club on Wednesday and The Barista Cafe Bar in Stockport on Friday night.

Also a new date just added will see Adrian take his music to the city of Liverpool for the first time with a show at the View Two Gallery in St Matthews Street sharing the bill with Liverpool’s own TJ and Murphy


All tracks from “Live at Crossroads” are now available to preview and purchase in the iTunes store.

Click Here

FirstSite Gallery May 3rd





Seats are limited at this show so please book early,

call Chilli Enterprises on 07542 101350

Live at Crossroads….more critical praise

“Tackling a song by a guitar legend (Richard Thompson) is brave but Nation delivers in style” ( Scottish Daily Express)

“an exceptional concert performance”…..”there was clearly some sort of alignment of stars – everything in the right place at the right time.” (Fatea- Mike Ainscoe)

“a prodigiously talented fingerpicking guitarist”……(R2 Magazine)

“a superior fingerstyle troubadour”……”mesmerising chops.” (Guitar and Bass Magazine)

“the amount of different sounds he gets from the guitar is amazing and hard to believe there is only one man on stage”…..”a truly charismatic artist, a soulful vocalist, exquisite guitarist and his lyrics are full of depth and emotion.”……..”an emotion packed stunning live album.” (Rock Society Magazine)

“wonderfully evocative acoustic guitar”  (Blues Matters)

Live at Crossroads ….. gives hope to a world out of sync with its self”……..”what comes across throughout each song is a man in harmony, not just with his music but also with the audience; he is allowing them to breathe and for a brief while think rather than react, contemplate rather than counter.”……..”a remarkably captured live performance from a master of the craft.”  (Liverpool Sound and Vision)





More reviews…..

Adrian’s new album “Live at Crossroads” is generating substantial interest in it’s first few days of release. Some highlights so far…

“a quite frankly outstanding rendition of ‘Vincent Black Lightning’. Should you decide to cover a Richard Thompson song you’d better know what you’re doing, not only that, you have to give the song something dramatic to avoid negative comparison. And should you acomplish that, choosing Vincent Black Lightning would be a bold choice. No worries here, Adrian hits it with guitar and vocals. If anyone is going to give ‘the master’ a run for his money on any of his songs this one gets my vote.”

‘Brightest Star’ with its incredibly powerful lyrics – delivered by a voice that raises the emotion to a soul-wrenching level.”

“There’s the piercingly perceptive ‘The Dying of Democracy’ – a hard narrative, driven hard, telling its tale of rioting and violence in Athens: “Just a stone’s throw from its birthplace, I saw the dying of democracy.” Wicked lyrics.”

“his dazzling deft acoustic guitar fingerwork”  “nimble six string brilliance”

“shows why he really should be discovered by a wider and international audience, notably so on the politically pointed The Dying of Democracy with its echoes of Bruce Cockburn”



“achingly observant lyrics delivered across lingering memorable melodies”



Adrian’s new album “Live at Crossroads” was released today March 3rd 2014 and already is making quite an impact. With over a dozen radio stations across the UK giving it airplay and one of them already making it their “Album of the Week” it looks like exciting times are ahead.

There are lots of magazines publishing reviews over the next couple of months but some reviews are already up online. Here are links to two of them…..